1. Perfectionism rears its ugly head. Also, I forgot I had a tumblr for two days in 2011.

    "Judy: Sweetheart, I will never forget when you were in the fifth grade and you were so excited when you got the lead in the play…  Do you remember that? “Really Rosie”?

    Jessica: “Really Rosie”, yeah. I remember.

    Judy: And you came home after the first day of rehearsal and you turned to me and you said, “Mommy, I’m not gonna do it. I quit.” Just like that.   I turned to you and I said, “Jessie. Jessie, my love, why?” And you said, “Because my co-star isn’t good enough. And if my co-star isn’t good enough, then the play won’t be good enough. And I don’t wanna be part of any play that isn’t good enough.” And I thought to myself… “Oy. This child will suffer. How this child will suffer.” And then they gave it to the “mieskeit” with the glasses.

    Jessica: Tess Greenblatt.

    Judy: Right.

    Jessica: God, she was terrible.

    Judy: Right. And you would have been great!  And you didn’t get to do it. You had to sit there and watch terrible Tess do it… with that guy you thought wasn’t good enough, who was actually quite excellent, wasn’t he?

    Jessica: He was. He was very good.

    Judy: And you know? I always think that you would have been so much happier doing that play, even if it was just okay. Even if it was great, just not the best ever. And maybe, just maybe, it would have been the best ever. You never know.” - Kissing Jessica Stein

  2. Momentum for DOMA Repeal Continues to Build

    Senator Kristen Gillibrand for President, please.

  3. My favorite Sunday moment.
  4. Love.

  5. We meet at last, Tumblr.
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